CARLOS GONÇALVES, master of the Portuguese guitar interpretation and extraordinary author, is considered one of the main references of the Portuguese music. His extensive artistic career has been dedicated almost for complete to the one who was the queen of Fado, the inmortal Amália Rodrígues, taking part, since 1968, in the group directed by Jose Fontes Rocha, to whom soon replaced forming then a group with Sebastiao Pinto Varela (Portuguese guitar), Jorge Fernando (viola) and Joel Pina (bass viola) group of whose Lelo Nogeira became a member more later.

Are thirty one years of collaboration in recordings and live spectacles in the best rooms and televisions around the world, until the death of Amália Rodrigues in October of 1999.

Some places and countries where he has performed

Rome, Sixtina Theatre Tokio, Sankei Hall Río de Janeiro, Caneçao París, La Téte de l'Art París, Teatre de la Ville París, Téatre des Champs Elysées Paris, Olimpia Paris, Coliseum Paris, Casino New York, Carnegie Hall… Italy, Spain, France, Romania, The Netherlands, South Africa, Zimbawe, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile and lots of more... .

His new stage like musician

After dedicate his artistic life to serve others, Carlos Gonçalves starts a new stage of his extensive and brilliant career now divided in two different ways: One like soloist of the Portuguese guitar playing in recitals, guitar festivals, classical music festivals... and the second one like musical director and interpreter in his own group of Fado, focused to festival sessions and concerts of traditional Portuguese music.

Composers who had worked with Amália