The Portuguese Guitar 
The PORTUGUESE GUITAR is easily recognized by four very specific characteristics that identify it: its singular form, the own and unmistakable lament sound, the special technique that is required for its interpretation, and the decorative elements linked to other forms of the best Portuguese craft

CARLOS GONÇALVES was born in Beja (Alentejo) on 3rd June 1938. At 13 years old he developed a passion for the Portuguese guitar and began his learning with hardly 15 years old, stimulated by the radio programmes, specially those of José Nunes. « more »

The national and international recognition of CARLOS GONÇALVES like composer is so remarkable as the performer ones. As far as his creative facet, he was the exclusive author of AMALIA RODRÍGUES in the last musical stage of the artist between the years 1980 and the one of her death in 1999. « more »

CARLOS GONÇALVES, master of the Portuguese guitar interpretation and extraordinary author, is considered one of the main references of the Portuguese music. « more »



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A trajectória artística do extraordinário autor e intérprete da guitarra portuguesa CARLOS GONÇALVES, divide-se em duas etapas bem diferentes :

• Uma 1ª 1958-1999. A segunda parte desta primeira etapa 1968-1999, com apenas 30 anos, inicia uma fase de colaboração com AMÁLIA RODRIGUES, integrando-se no grupo dirigido por FONTES ROCHA e intervindo em quase todas as gravações da artista.
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